We offer various types of 1-on-1 swim lessons for children ages 6 months and older in Celebration, FL. 
We specialize in SURVIVAL LESSONS that help children to acquire independent, self-rescue skills.
Our private lessons offer an effective, personalized approach for each child and are based on a unique philosophy that reinforces children to swim and float independently over several weeks.
We also offer private stroke lessons for older children who already know how to float, as well as  INTRODUCTION to SURVIVAL SWIM lessons - a less vigorous approach to swim lessons.
Our REFRESHER and MAINTENANCE lessons help our swimmers and swimmers from other swimming programs to refresh their floating skills before beginning stroke lessons.
Questions? Not Sure Where to Begin? Visit LESSON TYPES and TIPS BEFORE STARTING for answers to the most common questions. Visit our sister program, CELEBRATION CYCLONES, a USA Swimming affiliated team, for information about group swim stroke lessons, swim club, and competitive swim team opportunities!
*PLEASE NOTE: Celebration Swim Little Fins & Celebration Town Hall are proud business partners.
 For more information on Celebration's Recreational Programs, click HERE.
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