Meet Our Instructors


Coach Dianne is passionate about teaching in and out of the water. She was a competitive swimmer in Wisconsin for many years, a Milwaukee County Lifeguard First Responder, YMCA lifeguard, swim instructor, pearl diver at Sea World, Group Fitness instructor, and English/Spanish professor.

She has been certified in Infant/Child/Adult First Aid, CPR and AED/First Aid since 1995

She is a certified PEDIASWIM Instructor since 2017.

WHY Pediaswim? PediaSwim offers the gentlest, yet most effective lessons available, which  teaches children to swim and float independently for safety.

Coach Dianne specializes in 1-on-1 survival lessons,  which include effective swim-to-float self-rescue skills that can help save a child's life.

She is bilingual in Spanish and English.

She is available for private lessons.

coach Jen Z photo.jpg

Coach Jen is passionate about teaching in and out of the pool. She started swimming at the age of 10 at a local Ohio YMCA and competed for many years, all throughout high school. She has been lifeguard certified, infant/child/adult  CPR certified, and she spent her high school and college years life-guarding and teaching swim lessons in North Canton, Ohio.

Coach Jen is also a teacher at Celebration K8 school, where she specializes in advanced Science and Math, teaching both Middle School and Grade 5.

Coach Jen specializes in stroke technique, flip turns, effective kicking, and preparing for competition.

She is available for private lessons & small groups.


Coach Jen's main focus during summer camps will be to develop each swimmer individually within a group,  to teach stroke(s) and fine-tune strokes, ultimately developing each one into a more confident and effective swimmer.