For New Students

* Basic Training or Intro to Survival Swim is required of all new students.

* Please Note: Basic Training typically takes 4 to 5 weeks.

However, with busy summer schedules for families and Little Fins,

we may only be able to schedule 3 days per week at certain times.

*By request, we may be able to work with your family on a special schedule for lessons.*

Please Note: Child must show proficiency during his/her Swim Test Evaluation, which includes

a clothing test, in order to be deemed a successful graduate of our Basic Training program.


NOTE: A parent/guardian may be asked to get in the water 1-2 times throughout the training.






* Here's an example of our Swim-Float-Swim Sequence with Emma, age 2 *

Total Cost: $300 for 16 swim lessons ($75/week)

Duration: 4 weeks, 4 days per week
(3 days if necessary), until child is proficient with swim-float-swim sequence

Time: 15 minutes per lesson