HIGHLY encouraged after Basic Training & Refresher Lessons.

Maintenance Lessons are for swimmers who have completed

Basic Training and possibly Refresher lessons.

Purpose: Build-on and improve skills learned in Basic Training program.

1-2 times per week is recommended once swim-float-swim sequence has been attained.

Children really shouldn't take much time off.


As children's bodies grow, their balance changes.

As a result, their floating balance points will also change.



Graduates of the Basic Training program have trained arduously for 5 weeks.

They have become empowered with confidence, balance, and strength.
They have perfected their self-rescue skills and yet will need

continual practice floating.

Most have developed a respect and love for the water.      

Why not allow them time to practice their skills?


Total Cost: $15 for one 15-minute lesson;

$30 for one 30-minute lesson (by request).

Recommended: 1-2 lessons per week,

as each child grows individually

Time: 15 minutes each swim lesson