For New Students

For those who have limited time and cannot commit to 4 days per week,

or if our schedule is full, we are able to offer a NEW course:

Introduction to Survival Swim Basic Training

 * PLEASE NOTE: Children WILL be introduced to floating, however they will not 

take a SWIM TEST EVALUATION after 8 lessons. We require a minimum of

16 lessons to ensure that children are adequately prepared for swim test evaluations. 


**At the end of 8 lessons, parents have the option to apply these lessons


towards Advanced Basic Training by paying an additional $200 for an additional 8 lessons.

NOTE:  A parent/guardian may be asked to get in the water 1-2 times throughout the training.

Cost: $15 for (1) 15-minute swim lesson.

Suggested: (2) lessons per week, for (1) month.

Time: 15 minutes per lesson

Emma, Swim Sequence, age 2